One Villager is Motivating Others to Embrace Self-Sufficiency

Polewali, Indonesia


Transformational Community Development (TCD) is designed to see impoverished communities empower themselves, achieve real impact, and then multiply that impact.  At the outset of a TCD programme, this is not always an attractive proposition to people whose mindset has been formed by the idea of “outside help or nothing.”  We know this to be one major factor that keeps them locked in the cycle of poverty – looking for aid to keep them afloat and merely survive.  


In order to gain momentum in a TCD programme, it is necessary to identify key community members whose enthusiasm pushes others to embark on a new path toward self-sufficiency. This has been the case in Polewali, and one such motivator in the community is *Tahmid.  Tahmid is 29 years old, not yet married, and living on the outskirts of the village with his parents. They scrape out an income by taking care of livestock owned by more affluent people outside of the village.  


Since our TCD training team began the six-week vision seminar last month, Tahmid has not missed a meeting. His humour and outgoing personality keep the meetings light and lively. The opinions he offers show that he has really begun to grasp the idea of a community-driven programme. The vision seminar has now finished and Tahmid has become a part of the 12-person village TCD committee.  He is excited to get the ball rolling in the coming weeks and months, engaging in activities that solve village problems; particularly access to Water, better Income Generation, and Education. Our training team is also excited to see this committee begin to function, and we look forward to reporting more progress as the Polewali TCD programme builds momentum. 


Thank you,


Didi, Indro, Jeremy & Eva
GHNI Partner TCD Workers

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Tahmid” is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.