One Woman Made It Happen

Ola Nagele Village, Kenya

Due to Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons about education, fruit has been born in Ola Nagele Village from the discussions. Reasoning together with the community, we helped them see that the lack of education they faced within the community was not ultimately the government’s problem, nor anybody else’s, but the community’s.

Madam Madinah took the initiative and spearheaded the problem regarding their small village children. The children were walking for long distances, being exposed to dangers as they crossed the highway to get to school. She led others in raising funds within Ola Nagele, and with the small amount, they started a kindergarten within the community, which enrolled 180 children for a start. They eventually ended up adding lower primary school classes!

Now the small private Ola Nagele school is becoming very popular within the community, and due to its importance and advantages to the community, they are working on a fee structure to sustain the teachers, as well as a feeding program.

Madam Madinah (who has chaired the TCD women’s group) has really been a blessing to the community and society at large.


GHNI TCD Worker, Kenya