Onions Provide Strong Income Source

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia


The five areas of Transformational Community Development (TCD) are functioning in Didi Hara Village. They are strongly committed to the Agriculture Group. The last couple of years there were unstable conditions in the area due to ethnic politics. In the midst of this difficult condition, the villagers tried to keep their activity and produce different vegetables. One month ago, group members produced onions and have made very good money. They sold for 35,000 birr. For a long time, villagers were raising cows and got food and money from them. But now they learnt how to make irrigation and have alternative food and income sources. Now that they understand this, they are sticking with the TCD. In general, the TCD program created different alternatives and brought new methods for them.


TCD Update

  • Water - The Water Committee organised the community and built the water pond near Didi Hara. This pond collects water from rain. The villagers were drinking water from a different pond that was a bit far from the village. They have protected the new pond from animals and keep it clean.
  • Food - One strong activity in the village is the Irrigation Programme. The villagers highly benefited from this and it created different opportunities for the community. Before this, they only practiced animal husbandry (breeding).
  • Income Generation - Women in Dida Hara are helping the goat loan project. More than 23 women are engaged in this loan programme and benefited from it. On average, each woman has 10 goats. When we started this program 12 women had a total of 3 goats. Now 23 women have 10 goats each.
  • Education - The last two years, the peace situation in the area and COVID-19 prevented children from attending school and they have been highly impacted. We are now bringing in the new year and the government decided to open the school. The Education Committee has been preparing themselves to help the community so that they can send their children to school.
  • Wellness - Wellness has been a serious focus. Almost all the villagers have a toilet in their compound. Meanwhile, the Wellness Committee continues teaching the community.


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