Opening Doors with Education

Binodpur Village, India


Greetings from Binodpur Village. Once again, I would like to thank GHNI for helping to bring Transformational Community Development (TCD) to this community.  I am happy to inform you that the initiative for making kitchen gardens and poultry farming has been successful. Now, new families are showing interest in using bio-fertilizer, and others are trying to restart poultry farming.


Last month, I visited Baikunthopur Primary School and shared the five key areas of TCD. I demonstrated a TCD lesson to students, teachers, and the head masters. Now I am continuing with Binodpur Primary School and Baikunthapur Primary School. The head master will help by arranging meetings with students and their parents. There is a girl name Rupa, whose mum passed away and her father left her with her grandmother. This year, Rupa was promoted to the ninth grade with good marks. But because of financial problems, her grandmother could not afford to pay the school admission fee. Somehow, I managed her admission fee, but now she needs help to get enough for tuition. I am looking for some help to sustain this family.


GHNI Partner