Organic and Hybrid Rice Proves Successful

Jatapara Village, India


This is the rainy season here in India and, in almost every part of India, farmers cultivateGaining rice. In the village of Jatapara and surrounding areas, rice is the main cultivation the whole year.


 People keep some of the seed from last year’s production and then sow it the next year. It is a tradition that has been sustained for centuries, but ever since the farmers started using chemical fertilizer, the production has reduced rapidly. Now they don’t have enough production to keep some for the next year. For that, they buy the same kind of seed from the market or borrow from others.



Last year I introduced them to a new kind of hybrid seed that gives 3-4 times better production than the regular one, even in the radical climate. That time villagers were not convinced until I showed them by doing it myself. Only one person was convinced and followed me in growing that seed. In the end, we had much more production than rest of the villagers. But this time we could convince them to grow the hybrid seed, and now almost all the farmers are growing it. They are excited as they anticipate the result. Slowly, I am trying to switch them from chemical fertilizer to organic farming because chemicals are having bad effects on the soil and production is reducing year by year.