Blog: Other Regions

Offering Mutual Assistance

Đorgovska Mahala Village, Serbia

Many people were outside of the city because of seasonal jobs, and because of that, the planned activities were postponed for the end of the summer. I use visits to Đorgovska Mahala Village for building trust and relationships with people.


Move-In Day is Here!

House of Esther, Armenia

The time for moving in has come, and things have really picked up. Exciting things are happening and there is a lot of transformation taking place. This may seem like something small, but this barn (an old mobile building) is an example of the transformation that is happening at the House of Esther in Spitak, Armenia.

Messages of Encouragement

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia

In our village, many people left for the seasonal work of picking strawberries. Some sisters from our women's groups also left for seasonal jobs. They have the opportunity to work and share their lives with others. Last month in our gatherings, we talked about our influence to encourage other people in the world.

Serbia: Women at the Crossroad

By Dee Rivers

Overheard:  “Serbia … it used to be Yugoslavia, right?”


Well, yes, but long before it was Yugoslavia, it was Serbia.


In fact, it became Serbia in 1166 and stayed Serbia until 1918, when post-war gerrymanders proclaimed that six Slavic countries in Southeast Europe had become one and created the name “Yugoslavia”, by combining the Slavic words "jug" (south) and "slaveni" (Slavs).


Healing of the Heart

Đorgovska Mahala Village, Serbia                                                                                                                             

Working Together, Making Ready

House of Esther, Armenia

Our little team left for a week in Spitak to continue work in the House of Esther. We started by painting the entire interior of the building. We have also selected and ordered all the material necessary for the work going forward.

Refugees in Greece

Global Hope Network International for the past 15 years has worked to end extreme poverty in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  As you might imagine, six years ago, our work in the Middle East began to expand as refugees and displaced families fled civil unrest and conflict.  During most recent years, we began receiving families who have fled the terror of ISIL.  The painful stories shared by those escaping, are difficult to hear.  The numbers are growing daily of families entering neighboring countries seeking refuge. 

Changing Beliefs for the Better

Dorgovska Mahala, Serbia

Close to my heart, this project is in my village. I am actively visiting people to establish a relationship of trust with them. I talk with them about who we are and how our goal is to work together with them on the issues in order to transform our society.