Our Model Poplar Tree Plot

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan


The trees are looking amazing! In central Yakawlang District, we planted them in May 2017 and now some of them are two and a half meters high. This year, we didn’t give them fertilizer in accordance with our farmer’s experience from the former trees. Next year, we will give them fertilizer and hopefully the trees will grow up higher.


Every day people come and see the trees, and it is a good model for other local farmers to imitate and start to make the same tree plot for themselves. The trees are easily accessible for anyone who would like to see them personally, and our farmer is there every day from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm for any inquires and assistance.


Some of our government partners and officials also supervise and visit the trees. Lately, I went to the local agriculture and promotion management office. They were happy about the trees and are very grateful for GHNI establishing the hybrid Poplar Tree Project in Yakawlang.


Next year, we will have some 200 cuttings available to give to farmers who are passionately looking for them to begin their own plot of poplar trees.


The GHNI-Afghanistan Team