Overcoming Centuries of Poverty

Gem Village, Kenya


Gem is a village on the west side of Isiolo Village, with the Turkana community being the majority who were evacuated from different parts of Isiolo. This is due to many reasons, one of them being inter-tribal conflicts. Due to instability of their economic situation, this village has suffered horrendous poverty for centuries. The number of orphans and widows is worrisome, and the rate at which the young generation is getting infected with HIV and AIDs almost every week is very high. An immediate solution to this crisis needs to be found.


At GHNI, we have tried to coach the village on Transformational Community Development (TCD) principles to help bring hope to the community. As part of the process, we have started a Widows Empowerment Programme through giving soft loans to a group of women in Gem.


Mama Susana demonstrated her faithfulness by investing her income in a hairdressing project and she is now the hairdresser of the village. Through this, she is generating some income for her three children since she is a single mum. Susana has been an inspiration for many women who are in the same situation and she shared the secret behind her success: TCD. TCD was once again proved to be a changing tool among poor villages and needy communities.


GHNI National Field Leader