Overcoming Challenges and Self-Doubt

Shambani Village, Kenya


Those living in Shambani Village are from the Turkana community where they depended on livestock farming. Due to the longstanding drought and famine, many villagers lost their animals and then became hopeless and helpless. The villagers came to depend on relief food, which has never brought lasting solutions but instead created dependency syndromes and laziness. GHNI has made great progress in bringing help and hope through weekly classes, which has made the community see life from a different perspective. The villagers no longer feel sorry for themselves but instead stand on their own two feet and provide for their families. They are using their own talents and becoming great farmers, businessmen, and businesswomen.


The GHNI-Kenya office motivates the villagers by providing skills and seeds so that they have enough for their families and some residual for sale at the market. This past season, over 30 families became beneficiaries and are now expecting a bumper harvest with more to be sold in the Isiolo market. Albino is a man who had given up on life but, after learning of the potential he had, became a transformed man. He took the initiative to go to the neighboring village for Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons and used these to better his life. Now we are receiving more men and women from the neighborhood who are interested in transforming their lives.