Overcoming Death and Disease

Shambani Village, Kenya


Mama Achuka is a middle-aged mother of six children who lost her husband five years ago. He had suffered for a long time before it was discovered he had HIV/AIDS. Mama Achuka now has HIV/AIDS and this has been very difficult for her as a mother and her entire family. Mama Achuka’s health has been deteriorating rapidly and she can no longer work and provide food for her family. The family had become so impoverished that the children were only eating the plate of food provided by the school during school days. On weekends and holidays, when school was not in session, they had nothing to eat unless a good Samaritan passed by and provided for them. It was a rare occasion when this occurred.


Five years ago, GHNI came into this village and extended its helping hands to reach the poor, hidden and hurting villagers in the community. Luckily, Mama Achuka met with the GHNI staff and shared her past experiences. GHNI helped Mama Achuka and other widowed mothers get on their feet financially by helping them establish ways to generate income. Mama Achuka put up a small kiosk in her compound and began selling food items to help support her family’s daily needs. She and her children’s lives have changed so much and they are very happy. She is grateful to GHNI for recognizing how poor and hopeless she was and helping her family regain hope.