Overcoming Dependencies

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia


Living in Harowayo Village, Dida is a 48-year-old husband and father of four children. In his area of Borena, for years, many have been affected by drought and villagers lost their cattle. It created a huge crisis for individuals. Two years ago, Dida was one of these villagers when he lost 30 of his cattle that died due to the drought. They were in crises and his family was disappointed by the incident. He had no other resource to help his family through their difficult time. Overnight, he and his family became dependent on government support. They stayed on government support for one and a half years.


One day, Dida spoke to our GHNI-Ethiopia Transformational Community Development (TCD) coordinator in his village. He expressed his interest to join the Agriculture Group and was allowed to join the group by the coordinator. Dida took the TCD training and has been working hard with the group. He has started making good money for his family expenses.  Two months ago, he was making 9,000 birr (nearly $380) from selling vegetables.

GHNI National Field Leader