Overcoming Distrust

Kibera Slum, Kenya


The year 2022 has so far been a year of great achievements for our urban slum Transformational Community Development (TCD) programme. There is little permanent housing. Many in the community live in temporary structures due to high population and corresponding lack of space. Some of the TCD programmes have not yet flourished, although the health education and micro entrepreneurships are signs of better things to come. Many in the community have been suspicious of entities that in the past have exploited the community. They promised help but never did the right things to make any real change, but rather exploited the community. TCD has had a slow reception because some in the community made the comparison to some of these false NGOs.  


GHNI has been coaching a group of women for some time through a weekly programme. They have expressed their gratitude as they have received financial support from GHNI. Their commitment to the programme has been demonstrated through their VSLA (Village Saving and Loaning Association) weekly contribution.      


Chulki is one of those beneficiaries. She could not hide her happiness after she received a financial boost from GHNI. She thought at first it was a dream, but it has now become a reality. 


Thank you!