Overcoming Great Loss

Shambani Village, Kenya


Mama Ekale, a mother of three sons and a grandmother of twelve, never imagined she would be raising grandkids by begging in the village. But this happened right after giving her sons their inheritance when their father passed. The sons sold the cattle and engaged in an immoral lifestyle that ended up killing them through HIV/AIDS. Losing the livestock was nothing compared to the pain of losing her children.


Along with the pain came confusion on how to raise her grandchildren with nothing. Two granddaughters dropped out of school due to pregnancies and were forced to live with her, adding more weight. Life became so unbearable that she spent part of her time on the graves of her children asking them why? Why do this to her? It grew worse. She started vomiting blood due to ulcers in her stomach and could hardly afford to pay for treatment.


But as they say, after a very gloomy night, there dawns a day full of hope. Our GHNI team learned of her sickness. In the course of giving her a hand to get better, other things fell into place. She recovered from the ulcers and was back on her feet. Then we gave her a microloan, and right away, she bought beads and employed skills we taught her to better her life. Favorably, her skills became so in demand that she could not supply enough!


Today, Mama Ekale has taught her grandchildren how to earn a living, and she teaches others how to avoid such big mistakes.