Overcoming Horror and Regaining Hope

*Aliye is an Iraqi refugee from Qaraqosh village. She left her village when a violent group attacked Mosul and the surrounding villages. She moved to Erbil with her family and since they didn’t have a place to stay, they stayed at a community center for a couple months. They had to share the same hall and bathroom with thousands of people. The situation was miserable.  


They then moved to a small caravan in Ankawa, which was provided by local organizations trying their best to help. Living in a small caravan was not easy and it wasn’t any better. They were living with the hope of going back to their village. After their village was liberated, they went back to see and were shocked! Their house had been burned and they lost everything they once owned.  


Aliye was a tailor in Iraq and sewed traditional dresses. When she came to Jordan in 2017, many of the Iraqi refugees asked her to sew their dresses, but she couldn’t because she didn’t have a sewing machine. She couldn’t afford to buy one because it’s expensive. When we visited Aliye with some of our volunteers and friends, she shared her story with us and showed us some of her sewing work. We told her we could help her get a sewing machine, so she could sew on it. She was so surprised and thankful and happily accepted. Now she has income for her family. She earns about 100 dinars (about $140) every month and also helps her grandson by providing milk for three months.

Thank you!

GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader


*For the purpose of safety and well-being, “Aliye” is a pseudonym for an individual being helped by the project.