Overcoming Obstacles

Jatapara Village, India

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is growing in Jatapara Village. Villagers now understand that they can develop their life, society, and village. Through TCD education, many of them are able to see their errors. They are confessing that due to lack of discipline, they are not able to improve their living. Now they understand that through TCD they could get a better living standard.

One of the young villagers named Sundar took the first step toward transforming his lifestyle. He has cultivated tomato and brinjal (also known as an eggplant or aubergine) for business purposes. His plan is to sell vegetables and rotate the money for further business. He is working hard for this, as he made a wall around his (1,585 square yards) plot of land.

Other villagers are cultivating wheat this time of year. They are excited, as it has rained some days. We have a good chance to encourage them, and we are taking advantage of this chance.



GHNI TCD Worker, India