Overcoming Obstacles

This quarter in Dhoker Jhara Village, we learned a few more techniques for farming. This season, we didn’t get enough rainfall in time. Because of less rainfall, crops didn’t get enough water and we didn’t get satisfying results for harvesting.

We suggested to a few farmers that we should try Ravi crops, along with potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, and others that can be sold in the market to earn a good income. In response, Jolo explained that if we sowed potatoes now, and then the rain comes, then the potatoes will rot. We came up with an idea of building a good, sloping valley in order to let water flow away from the potato crop.

In Dhoker Jhara Village, the government has provided substantial funds and yet, villagers are not showing the courage to start building. Villagers like Jolo, Chandrai, and Kanhaiya are saying materials to build are very costly in the market.

Thank you!