Overcoming Water Shortages

*Q Village, Afghanistan

During this quarter the following activities have been performed:

This last quarter, the vineyard owner in Q Village has faced the difficulty of water shortage for his vineyard. The 1.5-inch solar water pump, which was provided by GHNI, couldn't irrigate his field, so he requested a second pump. GHNI fulfilled his request with a 1-inch solar water pump and three solar panel batteries for 50% of the shared cost. GHNI contributed 40,000 AFN (about $600)

As a result of installing the second pump, the water shortage difficulties resolved, and the vineyard owner received a good yield from his vineyard. With nearly 40,000 AFN (about $600) income, he is very happy and looking forward to next year. He expects to earn 100,000-130,000 AFN (about $1,500-$2,000) income. During my visit to the site, I gave them practical training on how to prune and use a trellis system for a different variety of grapes.

For the coming quarter, activity will greatly decrease due to the winter months.

Thank you,

The GHNI-Afghanistan Team

*For purposes of security, “Q Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.