Parents and Children Aided in Armenia

Spitak, Armenia


Recently, it was harvest time in Jrashen. An active Transformational Community Development (TCD) volunteer decided to focus on local resources rather than wait for others to bring help. Hence, he started a small cabbage farm with a small investment, and he worked diligently to take care of his farm. In due season, he harvested the best cabbages in the village! He took them to the bazaar and sold the cabbages for a good price. This set a good example for many young people that they can use the local resources, work hard, and provide for themselves and their families!


Sewing Project

We have good news to share about another participant in the sewing project. Her name is Nune, and she decided to start a small business. After the training, Nune got a job in a sewing factory. As she saved some money by now, she developed a plan and opened her own business. 


Follow up with TCD Camp Families

After TCD camps this summer, we kept in contact with the participants and their families. In addition, we visited the mother of eight children. Six of her children attended the camp. She takes care of the children alone as her husband is away in Russia for work. However, he is not able to support the family as needed. They usually do not have enough food and in cold, winter months, they cannot heat the house properly. 

As a team, we shared their needs and people responded. We were able to take them a big box of food, which will be sufficient for more than a month. Additionally, some community members shared potatoes and cabbages with them. 


Future Plans 

We have reunions scheduled with two groups of parents, wherein we will launch the Parenting Course.

We also plan to start guitar lessons for teenagers in Jrashen.


Thank you!


Tamara and Sam

GHNI TCD Workers