Parents Encouraging Education

Karibari Village, India

Just recently in May 2016, Transformational Community Development (TCD) work was started in Karibari Village, in the Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal. Previously, I have visited this village once in a while and offered study materials to the children, paving the way to enter into their community. In May, I started giving weekly tutoring to the children, and now around 7-8 children are coming every week. Then one Wednesday, I called a gathering of parents and informed them about the poor performance of the children studying in government schools.

The education of the children is so weak that most 2nd grade children are not able to read and write the English alphabet. Almost all the children are very weak in studies due to the poor education system of government schools. When parents were shown how weak their children were, that really raised a concern in their minds. I explained to them that together we can overcome this problem, provided they help me wholeheartedly. They were encouraged, and now they are all bringing their children to weekly school.