Partnering with Local Resources

House of Esther, Armenia


Spring is nice and warm in many parts of the world and especially at the House of Esther (HoE). A beautifully mellow, green color starts covering the fields and the hills. People, birds, and animals get outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature.


The four residents and Armen, the supervisor, started preparing the surrounding soil, planting potato seeds and other veggies of the season in the garden. The greenhouse structure is getting completed and ready for its canopy, hopefully soon. In April, there were still an occasional frost and cold nights.


During our visit in May, we had an appointment with the UNHCR office in Yerevan to update them on the progress and activities of HoE.  We discussed the possibility of getting the refugees a cow and a few animals, since the UN had suggested and the residents had completed an application for this.


We also had an appointment to visit a partner organization in Aleppo. We thanked them for their support during the winter months and talked about improving the situation and self-sufficiency of HoE.


GHNI Partner Volunteer