From Pauper to Employer

Gem Village, Kenya

A low-pay sand loader almost all his life, Mr. Lopanga explains how hard it was to raise his family hand to mouth with nothing to put hope in. He explained his worries for his son, who was in the 8th grade and soon wanted to head to a secondary school. But he had no ability to send his son there, nor the rest of his children, who were also a few years from completing their primary level education. He was ashamed to see his son carrying spades for loading sand into lorries instead of being in school, just to have bread on the table.

Mr. Lopanga lacked capital to pursue his dreams, and whenever he thought of borrowing, there were too many terms and conditions that would keep him a slave to corrupt moneylenders. But he heard of GHNI in nearby Gem Village, so he attended one of our microfinance meetings and became more interested. Since the interest is 0% and we give coaching in how to generate more business, this was the biggest help to his life.

Mr. Lopanga opted to farm. He was taught in the group how to use readily available local resources, so he engaged fully in his field, along with his wife. They gave all their time and commitment to tending their field. After the first harvest, he said it was more than he ever expected, for it was sufficient to pay off what he had borrowed in the group, and still left him with more for continued farming and income generation.

Mr. Lopanga said this was a miracle! Today he is a competent farmer in his village, so he plans to buy more land for farming, because the demand is becoming more than he can supply.


GHNI National Field Leader