Perfect Pipes

Attir Village, Kenya


Water is an essential element for human life, and it is very hard for one to survive without it. Before the drilling and solar installation of the borehole in Attir Village (through the effort of GHNI and other organisations), the community felt the pain of living without water because they had to walk for almost seven kilometers in search of clean water.


Even though the distance was far, the water that they used to fetch was not safe for human consumption, contaminated from the disposal of waste from wild and domestic animals. This led to diseases which killed people, especially little children and the elderly. 


The community of Attir is proud of its achievement. Water has changed their lives in big ways, saved them money, time, and improved their health. 


It all started with the construction of 10 water kiosks, which made life easy for many. With time, water that villagers used to fetch was instead coming from kiosks that were also built through the partnership of GHNI and partner organisations. Sometimes, fetching water from a water kiosk is also strenuous because one has to wait in queue for their turn until others are finished. However, now all that has changed. 


Through their farming and a little saving, some people have been able to buy pipes and install water to their homestead without much struggle. This enables them to get water in or near their homes without wasting much time going to a kiosk and fetching it. This was something that many Attir villagers never thought possible. They believed that it could only happen in town areas but it has happened here in the rural village of Attir! 


Mary is one of the people who has installed pipes in order to have running water in her home and she says this has enabled her to do her chores without much struggle and has also motivated other villagers. They all want to install pipes like Mary did. Mary is really thankful for guidance and help making their future great.


Thank you,