Persevering Despite Criticism

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


In the spring, more attention was paid to increasing the income of the villagers in the group. To improve the financial condition of the group, training was given to the women to make fast foods, such as namkeens (healthy indian evening savory snacks), pakode (a fried Indian snack), etc. Few women tried these at home, and a few succeeded while few did not.


The women who succeeded sold the items in the village, while those who did not succeed are still trying and I am helping them. Among them, Panmuni is now able to make very good namkeens and arsa (sweets made of rice flour). She is very happy because she made these items for the first time at the age of 45. Other women are also rejoicing as they are able to make money by selling the food items which are quick and easy to make.


Some women who are not part of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) group tried to discourage these women by saying that they would not succeed in business. But the women are so determined that they did not receive their negative words.


There is a villager named Mohit who runs a salon. He wants to be trained in other skills for his salon, as he only knew a simple haircut and shave. He wants to acquire more techniques like massage, facials, etc. So he is being trained in Dumka to make more money by acquiring these skills.


TCD Update


  • Water – People are continuously drinking clean water from the hand pump.
  • Food – People here are not eating very healthy food but still not in bad condition.
  • Income Generation – Mohit, who opened a hair salon, has been a great inspiration. He is going to the city to learn more techniques to use at the salon.
  • Education – We are thinking of some ideas on how to increase the number of students in school.
  • Wellness – People are healthy and taking precautions for the summer season.


Thank you!