A Persistent Soul

Vocational Training Program, Jordan

Ibrahim is an Egyptian man of about 60 years. Grateful for aid from GHNI, he stops by the office regularly to offer his help. What a grateful man is he! He is taking care of his daughters, and like any other father, Ibrahim wants the best for his precious daughters, no matter what his financial situation.
He was struggling to afford to send his four daughters to school, and because he is old and non- Jordanian, his chances are few to have an appropriate job to provide for his family at this time. As a father, and the only provider in a strange country, his responsibility is greater.

So he reached out to GHNI and shared his thoughts of starting a small project to help him earn an income, as well as keep his dignity as an old man, keeping him from asking people for help. This man deserves to be respected. The only reasons keeping him alive are his four daughters. They are his hope, and his motivation to stay alive in this difficult life. This man, regardless of all that he is going through, is thankful for his blessings and provision.

For such moments, I’m thankful for the VTP program that enable us to stand by such a persistent soul. We partnered with this man by giving him a loan of 100 JD (about $140) so he could purchase some fruits, nuts, and a concession cart. Now he sells snacks outside his daughters’ school in order to support his family.

GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader