Persisting Toward Success

Ezbit el Nakhl, Egypt

Children of Ezbit el Nakhl

Jasmine, a young lady 14-years-old, has come every week for five years now to the Center for social development classes. Miss Hana teaches the Parameter class and helps us in the Ezbit el Nakhl area.

When Jasmine first came, she was experiencing difficulty in speaking and lacked self-confidence. She grew up in a family with a lot of problems between her father and mother. During our visits to her family, we discovered that her father suffers from allergies and asthma, and takes treatment for that.

Her family suffers from lack of income and accumulated debts. In these circumstances, we find our girl Jasmine persists toward success and supplemental learning in school, due to the same confidence that she gained through attending weekly lessons on social enterprise development. She also participates in activities and lessons. We noticed now how brave she is in speaking and her success in school, as well. Jasmine talked with her teachers about their role in society and their families. She tries to educate her brothers and her mother by sharing the social development lessons she learned from them.  

At the end of our visit, her mother thanked us for the change in her daughter.


GHNI National Field Leader