In-Person Training Resumes

Polewali, Indonesia


This quarter the Transformational Community Development (TCD) team has continued ongoing initiatives with the community: water sources, latrines, and soap business. In addition, four TCD lessons were facilitated: Making Decisions/Solving Problems, TCD Concept review, Integrity, and Perseverance.


The fifth well has been prepared, and the community is now in the process of clearing a path to the water tank. There was a delay due to disagreements about where the water tank should be located. Eventually, the community was able to solve this dispute in a fair way and the project should be completed in the next quarter. The community really wanted to finish it up before the rainy season is expected in November, because walking back and forth to the river on a steep incline in the mud is not something they want to continue doing for another season. 


The Latrine Programme, similar to the Water Programme, is a match-funding arrangement where the community pays for half of the material costs and provides all the labour. The community is still a little bit divided on the need for latrines, as they are well-accustomed to going to their special little spots in the forest. This means that the motivation to give time and funds to this need is not as uniform as for the Water Project. Fortunately, two key figures in the community are pushing for the need for latrines. They have been a little discouraged this quarter with the lack of progress, but the TCD team has tried to be a personal encouragement to them while facilitating TCD moral lessons to boost the community. In the next quarter, we will plan to focus a bit on hygiene to help assist the key community members with the latrine project. One latrine has been finished and one is in the stage of gathering funds. 


The soap-making business group has succeeded in lowering their costs, perfecting their formula, and have begun selling locally. Their next step is to perfect the shape of the soap bars and packaging to prepare for broader sales and distribution. 


Thank you,


Saadiyah & Indro

GHNI Partner TCD Workers