Phase Two of Water Project Underway

Sulawesi Village, Indonesia


This has been an exciting quarter for Mawa Village. The long drought was a blessing in disguise as it gave the community time to finish phase one of the water project, constructing a tank at the spring source, without too much interference from high water levels.  After the committee encountered some minor community disputes, key people from the community stepped in to make sure that the water project would continue. 


Phase two of the water project is underway. The community is working together to pipe the water to their village from the spring source.  They were also able to buy a pump and materials they needed thanks to partnership with GHNI. The community also continues to collect funding from families in the community as best as they can so that they can really “own” the system, as opposed to the project being handed to them. 


Our training team was excited to hear that the partnership with GHNI will continue into 2020.  Not only will that help us see the water project through to the finish, but it will also allow us to begin to help guide the Mawa committee as they look into issues besides Water, such as Income Generation, Health and Wellness and Education.  


In addition, we have begun assessing two other nearby villages with similar needs to the primary village.  We are excited to see what can be done there and if the first community will have a passion to help their neighbouring villages experience some of the transformation that they are experiencing.  


TCD Update

  • Water - Phase 1, completed tank at water source. Phase 2 underway, piping and preparing pump to get the water to the village. Phase 3, tanks in the village and piping to houses will begin in 2020. 
  • Income Generation - Identified as a great need.
  • Education - Identified as a great need.
  • Wellness - Identified as a great need, mostly skin problems related to hygiene.


Thank you!