Physical & Psychological Healing

Gem Village, Kenya


“Giving help and hope to the hidden and hurting is our call,” said the GHNI-Kenya director. Gem is a village that has been badly hit and traumatized by all sorts of calamities that factor into the poverty and high mortality rate of the village. It also results in orphans, sex trade, early marriages, and indulging in drug abuse. There is no exception in gender when it comes to school dropouts. Both boys and girls have been affected through the combined effects of dangerous survival practices.


Also, GHNI-Kenya has built an empowerment center to restore the lives of youth that turned extremely desperate, which made them respond through desperate measures. These youth have undergone counseling before being enrolled into the class. This is to bring healing to their psychological trauma and show them they do have a future and their need to transform. Cattle raiding, ethnicity, and HIV/AIDS have resulted in many widows and orphans, who are continually forced by circumstances to succumb to the same factors that led to their status.


GHNI has created a widows group to increase their abilities and hold psychosocial group counseling for those living with HIV/AIDS and those without. We hope to cease, or at least minimize, the rate of infection spreading. Pregnant mothers who are HIV/AIDS positive are being coached on the importance of adhering to medicine to minimize the reproduction of the virus within the system, and hence, reducing the chances of passing the infection on to their newborn during delivery. We hope to cut the current cycle of many children born with the infection due to lack of knowledge, so that even though they might be left orphaned, they will not have an extra load to bear.


GHNI National Field Leader