Picking up the Challenge

Dogon Gada Village, Nigeria

Basiru was introduced to Transformational Community Development (TCD) for the first time ever about two years ago. He caught the vision for transformation, and picked up the challenge of transforming himself, the people around him, and his village. Inspired and motivated by Babalola and Elisha, our TCD champions in Dogon Gada Village, Basiru now coordinates TCD activities in his home village under the supervision of the former TCD champions.

In December 2014, Babalola, Elisha, and Basiru decided to improve the only two VIP toilets that serve the whole village. They painted the toilets and constructed toilet seats to really make it more user-friendly.

Happily, the TCD influence has spread from Dogon Gada to Tadurga, another village within the cluster. The first VIP toilets were constructed in Tadurga village in December with funds from GHNI in conjunction with a partner organization, by the efforts of our TCD workers, Babalola and Sani. The Tadurga toilet project is one out of seven projects in various villages, funded by both GHNI and the partner organization.

We also plan to bring help to Tadurga by drilling a well in the village to solve the water crisis within this quarter. Funds for this have been provided for by the partner organization. We thank them immensely.

Within the quarter, Julie, the Instructor at the Women’s Empowerment Center, taught some of the villagers handcrafts, particularly beadwork. Some of the women and young men have started producing bead purses and bags, both for sale and their personal use. Esther and Hadiza, having learned it so well, are now teaching other women the bead handcraft.

We plan to hold three different TCD Training of Trainers Conferences between March and April 2015. We will train about 60 people from across 11 countries of West and Central Africa. Our goal is to send them back as champions who will get TCD going in the poorest villages within those 11 countries. Indigenous participants are coming from the northeast region of Nigeria that the Boko Haram insurgency has left penniless and traumatized.


GHNI National Field Worker, Nigeria