Pig Farmer Plans to Expand His Business

Ramantar Village, Nepal


In May, I conducted Transformational Community Development (TCD) awareness campaigns in Ramantar Village, Jogital Village, and Ramauli Village. I raised awareness to vote for good persons who are educated, lovers of development, and support the work of the villagers.


I taught against child labour. Because of poverty and lack of education, children were used for labour. To bring transformation to the community, child labour should be stopped and children should go to school for their education. Many villagers participated, and they happily learnt whatever I taught them.


I am teaching some community members to get involved in Income Generation. Being self-sustaining is good to increase their family income source. This month, three new families started micro-businesses after being inspired by TCD. I visited TCD Income Generation members who are already doing Income Generation work. I gave them more encouragement to continue their TCD work for a better life. The participation of villagers in this project  is increasing slowly.


I taught villagers the Wellness lessons of the TCD programme. I taught them to wash their hands with soap and to bathe their babies on a regular basis. As we are entering the rainy season, there might be many kinds of health problems; I therefore encouraged the villagers to stay healthy by applying TCD Health lessons in their lives.


I taught villagers the methods of making Water clean and pure. During the rainy season, Water is usually dirty and not good for drinking. I encouraged  villagers to use clean and safe Water by boiling it.


The TCD team taught the villagers to produce Food on their own land to be self-sustaining. The teaching says, “Don’t let the land stay empty, but farm and produce food for the family.” I gave kitchen gardening lessons to produce vegetables to have nutritional and fresh food for a healthy life. I reminded the villagers that they can save money if they produce more vegetables and food crops and sell them in the market. 


I visited villager's houses to see if they had enrolled their children in school or not. Some families hadn’t yet, so I encouraged them to send their children to school.


A Success Story

My name is Dhyansh*. I live in Ramantar village. I am very happy with the TCD programme. I was jobless and I had no income before. When I participated in the TCD programme, I learnt so many important lessons from TCD classes. I have never learnt like this before. I felt that everything that TCD teaches is very important. I was encouraged to do Income Generation work. I could raise my family's income source by keeping pigs. I loved the TCD teaching of self-sustainability and I started my business in pig farming. TCD also provided me with a 10,000-rupees loan to invest. I became happy and successful doing Income Generation work. Now I have pigs ready to sell. It will give me a good profit. I am planning to expand my business. TCD has helped me do this work, so I would like to give thanks to GHNI, who supported me, for my success and better life.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Dhyansh” is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.