Pipeline to Good Health

Kiwanjani Village, Kenya


The villagers living in Kiwanjani Village have big challenges with regard to water. They go far to look for water which has been a problem for several of them. The villagers are moving from house to house to ask for water from the few who have tap water in their compound. Oftentimes, during the dry season, children fail to go to school because of the lack of water to wash their school uniforms.


As GHNI, we saw this need and all the problems that communities of this area were facing. We decided to communicate with the ministry of water. We finally succeeded, and now there is plenty of water in Kiwanjani because of the Water project that we started. The villagers are getting water nearby and at a cheaper price of 5 KES per 20 litre jerrycan!


Mama Charity is a good example of the persons who have benefitting from the project. She is a disabled woman, and now that she is getting water nearby; she is very grateful and enjoying the blessing with her family.


Since there is plenty of water in the area, the villagers are now enjoying doing their jobs and even the children are going to school comfortably.

Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader