A Place to Call Home

Gem Village, Kenya


It was not so long ago that GHNI had heard of the problems in Gem Village and decided to bring the core values of Transformational Community Development (TCD) to this community. Gem was a destitute village and most villagers could not afford the basic necessities of life.


Nowhere was this clearer than when we came upon some young children who had lost hope in life. They were living in extreme poverty, without food or shelter. Most of the children had lost their parents and were orphaned and alone. Many were infected with HIV/AIDS. They lived in grass-thatched structures that provided little protection from the rain and cold. Some children got pneumonia because of the poor conditions and other children lost their lives to disease. They were also vulnerable to mosquitoes and contracting malaria. Even more frightening for the children, dangerous wild animals inhabited the area and were known to attack and even kill children.


At the beginning of 2016, some GHNI donors visited the area and saw for themselves the wretched conditions these needy children were living in. The donors were struck by what they saw firsthand and could not hold back their emotions or tears. They made plans to help the villagers build a dormitory for the children, and the villagers’ long-awaited dream came true. The dormitory was built with standard rooms and a completely fenced compound to provide adequate security for the children. A caretaker was hired to manage the compound and other adults serve as surrogate parents. The children and entire village were jubilant about the new orphanage and are grateful for GHNI’s caring support.


TCD Progress Report


The community is struggling with a water shortage and no permanent solution has yet been found. A bore hole has been drilled and the village is waiting to see if this is successful. The rainy season has started and we will be teaching sack farming and other farming methods because the soil is too sandy for typical farming methods. The micro-entrepreneur group is doing well as the businesses are improving their standard of living. The wellness lessons are ongoing and we are now focusing on malaria prevention. Many people are affected by malaria because it is now the rainy season. Schools have closed and the standard eight classes have started their national exams.