A Place of Growing and Learning!

Holy Land Garden


After making sure that we had no other option than to move the greenhouse, we engaged some volunteers to disassemble it and set it aside for now. We are planning to erect a smaller greenhouse and experiment with shade cloth during the hottest time of the year. This will help us better understand how to proceed in the future as we expand our agriculture and try to be agriculturally active throughout the entire year in the Holy Land Garden project.  


We continue to expand in different agriculture-related projects to have a variety of teaching opportunities. We have started a compost area to show the how to’s and benefits of composting. There is also a desire to use keyhole gardening as another learning tool. 


The COVID-19 restrictions are starting to ease in the Holy Land, and we expect our special needs students to arrive in the next month. Having teaching stations will be extremely helpful as we attempt to have hands-on training opportunities to give creative educational variety. Topics such as pruning trees, weed control, use of shade, composting, plant propagation, and seed planting will all be taught. There will also be nutrition training as we plant the moringa trees and start to encourage the consumption of the leaves for nutritional benefit. Our hope is to find more plants such as chaya and neem that are beneficial to health and indigenous to our area.


Thank you!


GHNI Partner & TCD Worker