The Planning and Planting Connection

Jatapara Village, India


Most villagers think about farming once the rainy season starts. Before this, they neither think about farming, nor plan for it. Though their livelihoods depend on farming, other than during the rainy season,  they forget about it. Recently, villagers were taught more about farming, how to start planning and planting. These lessons in agriculture will help with both food and income.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


  • Water: Now that they have a hand pump, villagers are drinking clean water!
  • Food: Back to farming, many villagers were afraid to grow a crop apart from the rainy season.  They thought that the cattle and other animals would destroy them. But through TCD, some villagers were motivated to do farming throughout the year, even if the others did not. They were told to put a fence around the field to prevent animals from entering and destroying them. Villagers were encouraged to grow corn, and others could see how to do farming. Families of Neha Besra, Mantri and Rasik decided to grow corn in the month of June. Many onlookers expected that the crops would be destroyed by the animals, but that did not happen. The crops grew really well. People who were negative toward this plan now say that, if they had followed these recommendations, they could have a good harvest as well.
  • Income generation: We have sent some villagers to the training centre to learn more skills to generate some money.
  • Education: Parents and guardians of the children were called together and we shared about the importance of education. Villagers were taught to appreciate the value of educating their children. They began to see that it is vital for their future and important to invest time in helping with their education. Children of 3-4 years of age were playing here and there in the village. We have decided to start a preschool, so that each and every child gets a proper education from an early age. Parents are happy to know about the school and, so far, we have four students to date. The parents are asked to decide what amount they can pay for tuition. This is a very reasonable plan for Jatapara Village.
  • Wellness: Toilets are being constructed in each and every home through a government grant. According to the specifications, the septic tank for the toilet should be 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep. This tank would last only for 3-4 years, so people were reticent to use the toilet. Through TCD, they were taught it is beneficial for them to use the toilet, but people still gave silly excuses for not using it! So, we constructed a septic tank with a low budget which would last for at least 25 years! We asked the villagers to arrange raw material for the septic tank and make it on their own in order to make the village clean. A man named Santosh built a septic tank on his own when the government toilet was constructed at his place. After seeing this, other people also did the same and started using the toilet. This is one of the many positive changes that have been brought through TCD!


Thank you!