Plans for an Education Center

Due to the nature of our work in the field, it's not always possible to provide a high quality photo. We're happy to provide a current visual of our work despite the quality.

*SK Village, Nepal

When Nepal was hit by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake, many houses and schools were badly damaged. Our GHNI team helped a lot with the immediate relief needs for food, tarps, and temporary shelter. Recently we helped two government schools, one community center in Lalitpur, and one private school in Bhaktapur, which were all damaged by the earthquake. Children recently started going back to their school. School administration, teachers, and students were very much happy. We have helped one poultry farm that was nearly closed because of the earthquake. Our support will be very helpful to them for income generation, so we will be partnering in coming days. We have developed a good relationship with them, and the farmers are excited to work with GHNI.

Sushil B. has a heart to serve people in his community. He started teaching poor students in a rented building in the Sunakoti, Lalitpur district. The building was damaged by the earthquake and there was no place for helping them. These poor students are from the area where there are many brick factories, carpet manufacturers, and daily laborers. Many people work in these brick and carpet factories, and this area was one of the worst damaged by the massive earthquake.

Because of the earthquake, people lost their homes and jobs, and are now internally displaced peoples (IDPs). There is a big demand for an education center to help them continue their schooling, so they can be counseled and prepared to return to school again. Our target is to help serve about 60 to 100 households.

In this education center, there will be the following activities: educational counseling, social awareness, health and wellness, slavery prevention, assisting with homework, games, and developing family relationships.

GHNI National Field Leader

Thank You!

Amidst all the upheaval after the earthquake, the need to maintain the children’s education remains strong. With plans to meet those needs, we need your support to put them in place. Please consider partnering with GHNI as we plan beyond the immediate needs, post-earthquake.

*For purposes of security, “SK Village” is a pseudonym for the location being helped by this project.