Planting a Garden to Diversify Food Production

North Thailand TCD Expansion, Thailand


In September, GHNI staff visited two villages with our local Person of Peace. In the first village, we assisted partner organisations with dental hygiene training and distribution of emergency food aid to families still ailing from the economic effects of the coronavirus.


After leaving the village where the food was distributed, GHNI staff went to the Baan Pongsa cluster where the work has transitioned away from food distribution toward local food production. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, certain members of the Baan Pongsa cluster saw the need to diversify their food intake and have a reliable source of healthy food, thus they were trained on a special home gardening technique that provides food year-round.


One local Champion, Nippon, took the information he learnt at the ECHO training a few months ago and cleared out his land to begin his family’s garden. He was proud to show us all the work he had done and his wife was excited to help her husband plant the seeds they received at the training. Most of the community members are rice or peanut farmers, and many of them grow herbs or vegetables in the jungle near their homes. However, Nippon’s garden represents a new effort: intentionally planting a set-apart garden that will provide a continuous source of nutrition for his family.


Nippon discussed his plan to train about 85 local children on making compost and how he intends to invite his neighbours over to his house to see the garden once it is ready and train them to do it themselves. Nippon showed us the land nearby into which he plans on expanding his garden, if this one goes well. He even went to the trouble of piping water from a nearby stream hundreds of metres through thick forest directly to his garden. We are excited to continue coming alongside this local Champion to see transformation in his community.


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