Planting for Profit

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

For a long time, I have been longing to see all of my villagers working together as a team, making decisions together, and doing projects together. Up till now, neighbors have functioned apart and even created obstacles for other villagers.


At the end of 2015, it was a great achievement for villagers to be working together as a team. They formed a committee to work on ideas for income generation. They have cultivated the second mustard crop and they are renting a water pump from a neighboring village to lift up water from the river. Using this water, they have also cultivated seasonal vegetables. I am hoping to see them earn a remarkable profit from this, as they are planning to sell their vegetables in the weekly market for income.


I’ve been working to get them to consider doing business by selling their products at the market for profit. I am finally seeing this happen in my village. Thank you, GHNI, for helping and supporting me to make a difference in my village.  


​GHNI TCD Worker