Playful Lessons for All

House of Ruth, Jordan


Sewing Class


We finished the Syrian sewing class in June, and the women completed two months of training and learning. Now we are preparing for the new class with a new group of ladies. But let me tell you about the ladies who just finished their sewing course. They learned how to properly use the sewing machine, and now they can repair clothes, design, and sew. They are very happy and thankful that they got to participate in this class. One lady, Essra, shared with us her experience in the class.

Essra is married, has two children, and is living in Madaba. Essra and her husband couldn’t finish their education when they were in Syria because of the war. Now they can’t find a job in Jordan, and because of that, Essra said, "I am so excited about this sewing class. I’m actually very thankful for this opportunity and the fact that I am able to be a part of it. I have learned new things that will help me and my family in the future. I’m now looking for a sewing machine to start working from my house and help generate some income to provide for my children’s needs. Thanks a lot to GHNI for this class and the House of Ruth. Thank you for the kindness you showed us. And thanks for our trainer, Manal, who is working hard to teach us.”

The class of the Jordanian group started at the end of May and they finished the basic principles of how to use the sewing machine. Next week they'll learn how to design and paint on the paper, and how to take measurements.


Computer Class


In mid-May and early June all the children were taking their final exams. It was Ramadan, and after that, they were celebrating Eid and the whole country was off. Thus, we were not able to run the course and the class. Now the children are at summer camp.


English Class


We had a class of ten new students in April. We started with giving them the basics of the alphabet, subjective pronouns, and how to use them in a sentence.



Our clinic saw around 300 patients during April and May. In June it was closed because of the summer camp, and because our doctor traveled with his family to Australia. Now we are looking for a doctor and a dentist.  


Mosaic Class


During these three months, the first group of ladies have done ninety-eight Pieces. They're pretty productive! Their course has come to an end. Essmat will start the second course soon, with a new group who will be learning how to create mosaics. This new group will be working on a new design.


Summer Camp


We are so excited to announce the start of summer camp at the House of Ruth! The parents and the children are very happy and we are thankful.  The summer camp will be running for two months. The children will attend three days a week, and each week will host a nation. The first week, we’ll host Iraqi refugee children, the second week Syrian refugee children, the third week Palestinian children, and the fourth week will be Jordanian children. We will then repeat this the second month.


We are happy to host forty Iraqi refugee children for the first week. They live in Madaba, and we arranged for a bus to pick them up from their homes and then drive them back home safely after camp. The first day we welcomed all the children and then divided them into two groups based on their ages. The first group was seven-to-ten-year-olds, and the second group was eleven-to-sixteen-year-olds.

Our program included two stations. The first station was storytelling and a puppet show, where we emphasized the importance of honesty and loving and caring for one another. We also had a magic show and played picture games. The second station was about sports and valuable games, where they got to move and use their energy. Next it was break time, where the children received a snack prepared by our team in the House of Ruth, and with that, the program of the day came to an end.

For the second day, we divided the children into groups based on their ages: seven to nine, ten to thirteen, and fourteen to sixteen. Each group was at one station, and they rotated so that each group would be able to participate in all three stations. The first station was sports and games, and the second station had marshmallow architecture, colored dough, a puppet show, music, and story time. The third station was English class and teaching of values, like sharing and listening to others. Then it was break time to eat their snacks.

The last day we had two stations. One station was sports and valuable games, the second was ethics and English class. Then break time to eat their lunch. Since that was their last day of the week, we gave each child a gift. They were very happy and had such smiles on their faces while going back to their homes with their gifts.


Thank you!



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader