Playground Construction Initiates Hope

Nkar, Cameroon


The ongoing crisis in the north and southwest regions of Cameroon have brought untold hardship, betrayal and hate within the community of Nkar and its environs. The degree of disruption of social services is inestimable when you take into concern the daily gunshots from a belligerent faction forcing civilians to take refuge in bushes for hours and sometimes days. Constant arrest of civilians by the military and kidnappings by the non-state armed groups (NSAG) for various reasons have deprived the community from multiple social amenities. Most economic activities have been disrupted and the level of poverty has amplified, forcing idle youths to join the NSAG. Boredom in village life has been made worse by continuous power outages that can go on for months, making the use of modern sources of entertainment difficult.


A social cohesion and resilient Transformational Community Development (TCD) project has been initiated at Nkar that is likely going to break all the above social issues. The Kingpin Project is going to build a playground and a village ceremonial ground. This is predestined to bring villagers together, make them participate in their village progress, console, cheer, entertain and develop their talents. The community has initiated the construction of a gigantic playground. This consists of an arena for sports and games, a track to race around, a 30-metre-long grandstand consisting of a basement with two meeting-rooms, four toilets and four bathing cells. Seats for spectators will be constructed with terracing in the wall opposite the grandstand, and finally, a fence will be raised around the entire complex of 1000sqm. This long-awaited and cherished project started on the 30th of March 2021 with a hired grader digging and levelling the playground area. 


With an effort towards peace, the gradual return of children to school, the return of some Internally Displaced People (IDP) to the village, and the need to encourage a fatigued village that has seen lives, houses and property taken away, there is excitement and readiness for this project. Sports have a way of bridging relationships among people, and this playground is a great post-war gift to manage trauma. Sporting competitions and games will harness energies in the youth and act as the village synergy. The construction of this playground will generate income in the village and raise the general standard of living. When teams travel into Nkar to train for matches, they will rent the facility and consume other services such as food, housing and other provisions, leading to more Income Generation. The introduction of rugby as a new game will place Nkar in the limelight for national novelties and this could excite and invite the government to develop companion facilities such as roads. The community is in dire need for support to realise their dream as a peace-building project in the community.


Thank you!



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader