Positioned as a Training Center

It’s winter at the House of Esther (HoE) and since October, there have been a few days of snow, wind, and cold temperatures. We gathered firewood and branches to burn in the recently installed wood stove. We also worked to insulate all visible pipes, water tanks, and outside faucets. The greenhouse plantings were prepared for winter.


A visit from GHNI leaders at the end of August was very encouraging and Mr. Hal Jones personally inspired and motivated us toward Transformational Community Development (TCD).  The local leaders are looking forward to the next interesting and encouraging meeting with GHNI representatives.


The UNHCR Yerevan has been very interested in our center and all our accomplishments in self-sufficiency programs. They are coordinating finance with the Japan Embassy to finance a 40-family building for refugees close to Yerevan. UNHCR is in communication with us to provide them with our know-how and expertise, and asking us to supervise the project as it progresses.


Tamara and her husband Samuel traveled to Jordan to receive training for ten days in November. They will be working with GHNI to develop future TCD programs in other villages in Armenia. House of Esther is now ready to be self-sustaining and GHNI’s focus is transitioning to a new project called TCD Spitak Expansion in Armenia.


Thank you!

GHNI Partner Volunteer