Positive Feedback for the Computer Class

House of Ruth, Jordan


Computer Class

The students of this course are still completing their computer lessons and their progress is good. Therefore, the teacher was encouraged to give them some intensive lessons as he noticed that they have the ability to learn faster than others. The teacher prepared a questionnaire asking the students about the lesson and the teaching method. He wanted to know the positives and negatives to improve the way they are taught.

The teacher received helpful and positive feedback. All the students were happy and satisfied with the lessons. They saw the difference between the school and the courses in our centre. They always invite their friends and relatives to visit the centre and check out our activities.


The teacher talks with the students about life and how education is so important, also about the capabilities each one has. She explains how their skills are useful and the fact that they are able to make a change in their lives. Age is just a number, and children are intelligent. They can advance and accelerate in many fields if they have the willingness and motivation to do that.


Sewing Class

The sewing course/workshop is completed. The women learnt sewing basic methods – how to draw on the pattern and use scissors on the patterns. The women can now repair old clothes and use the sewing machine.

General Clinic

Since the beginning of this month, the clinic is back to opening its doors twice a week as it used to.  Sixty-two patients visited the House of Ruth clinic. All were Jordanian patients. People are accustomed to the new situation. A smaller number of new COVID-19 cases are being registered each day in the village of Ma'in compared to the previous months. The Jordanian Ministry of Health is encouraging people to receive the vaccine. In response, many people have registered to take it. Dr. Fadi sees that more people are visiting the clinic this month, and he expects that the total number will be over 90.


Dental Clinic

Ahmad, a 20-year-old Jordanian young man, came and visited our clinic because of a tooth issue that required a consultancy on hygiene habits, as well as a treatment. He could not afford to visit a private clinic, especially now after the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the economic situation and his family’s financial situation. The House of Ruth dental clinic assisted Ahmad with the required treatment and consultancy. Ahmad left the clinic very thankful, since our clinic provided this service for him for free. Now he can save the little amount of money he has to cover another need. 

Thank you,



GHNI Assistant National Field Leader