Positive Impact of a Changed Woman

Ɖorgovska mahala, Serbia

Sneza is a 43-year-old married woman with 2 adult children. She is part of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) group. She is grateful to TCD for all the positive changes in her life. She does seasonal work with her husband, which means that she travels to other locations in Serbia or neighbouring countries to pick fruits and vegetables in autumn. Although many times her neighbours discouraged her from educating her children, TCD lessons encouraged her, and she understood the importance of Education. As a result, her children graduated from high school! Wonderful! She was also encouraged in the field of marriage and family relationships. She learnt to forgive, love, do good to her neighbours, and be an example in the neighbourhood. 


Sneza is responsible for her health, takes care of the house, hygiene, and has crocheting and knitting skills. She wants to be self-sustaining and start her own business. Through her example, the whole family was encouraged, even her friends and neighbours. 


Sneza is an excellent example of someone who needs the Entrepreneur Leadership Development (ELD) course that our Assistant Regional Field Leader Daniel Emig is now teaching weekly.  


Thank you!


GHNI Partner