A Positive Influence

Ahumbe Village, Nigeria


Transformational Community Development (TCD) was recently introduced to Numbeve in Katsina Ala local government Benue State and Zaki-Biam communities, both in Benue State, Nigeria. Even though the initiative for this was taken by Moses, it is worth noting that it is driven by locals of those communities who had either visited Ahumbe Village or had attended one of our TCD trainings. These are serving as champions of change in the communities. Undoubtedly, there is an influence from Ahumbe, even though the two new communities are farther away from the Ahumbe cluster.


The people of Numbeve are particularly receptive to the entire TCD principles and process. Shortly after Moses did a TCD vision casting in the community, the locals set up two committees--Education and Income Generation committees, respectively. Both committees sprung into action, immediately. The Women’s Empowerment Centre has enrolled about eight women and commenced classes. Though there is no school building, the community has started a  primary school for the village children. The chairmen of the Education Committee, encompassing Mr Moses and members, Emmanuel, Justin and other members, under the guidance and supervision of Moses, have performed well in record time. Our man of Peace in Numbeve, Mr Yoneken, has been very supportive.


Numbeve, Zaki Biam and Apir, which are within the Ahumbe cluster where Moses had earlier introduced TCD all received donations of sewing and knitting machines for the Women’s Empowerment Centre.  


In Ahumbe, the classroom block and Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) latrine building construction, which are nearing  completion were put on hold in the quarter. We hope to finish up in the new quarter with the roofing and fitting of doors and windows.  


TCD Update


  • Water – Ahumbe - The two boreholes drilled last quarter in two different areas of the community are functioning properly. The locals have clean water for drinking, cooking and washing.
  • Food – Ahumbe - The rains have just set in.  A new farming season has commenced. Locals are clearing and preparing the ground for planting. Some of the locals who are rice farmers desire to expand their farms and have approached the TCD team on how they can be helped with loans for this purpose.
  • Income Generation – More Ahumbe locals are availing themselves of the opportunity to learn sewing and knitting at the Women’s Empowerment Centre. The knitting classes are running fine and the trainees are catching up really fast and have begun to knit sweaters, stockings, caps and shawls. The sewing classes were suspended temporarily when the instructor had her baby and had to go on maternity leave. An arrangement was made to get in another instructor to fill in for her did not work out as envisioned.  She is yet to return from maternity leave.
    • Apir: Received two sewing machines and a knitting machine. Classes yet to commence.
    • Zaki Biam: Received a sewing machine and a knitting machine within the quarter. There is no accommodation for the centre for now and classes are yet to commence.
    • Numbeve: Received a sewing and a knitting machine within the quarter. The machines have been set up and the Income Generation Committee and an instructor hired. Six women have enrolled and have started classes.
  • Education – Ahumbe: The construction work of the primary school block was halted during the quarter. The roofing and fitting of windows and doors have still not yet been done due to limited funding. We are hopeful it will be brought to final completion this new quarter.
    • Numbeve: TCD was introduced to the village at the end of 2018. Education Committee was set up and a primary school has started under thatch, makeshift tents.
    • Zaki Biam: Education Committee has been set up.
  • Wellness – Ahumbe: The VIP latrine building has been completed but yet to be roofed and fitted with a door.


Thank you!


GHNI National Field Leader