Post-War Sorrows and Joys

Spitak, Armenia


Every child has a right to have a safe childhood, but the children from Karabagh experienced war with all its horrors. They love to paint and in many of the pictures there are soldiers, houses and colours, as they dream of a better future. One little girl would keep a tissue in her hand and smell it from time to time. We just wondered why she would do that. Suddenly, with tears in her eyes, she said: “I will not throw it away. It smells of my house which I can never see again...”.


We had different Christmas events with the children in our community and with children in the Karabagh war zone. During one of the events, the children made cupcakes and decorated them. The volunteers told them the Christmas story, as many of them heard it for the first time in their lives.


A local organisation put up an event for over 500 inhabitants and displaced children. This year, the adults in Armenia had no Christmas or New Year celebrations. The events were only for children.


Sewing Project


This month, the women made more products for displaced people. Some were handed out immediately, and some still will be given later in the new year. Every month they become more skilful and can work more productively. Also, they became a good team and made friends with each other. We are so encouraged by this!


Laura’s Story


We met Laura* when she arrived from Karabagh with her husband and two children. They stayed in a house with virtually no necessities, such as heat and water. Her husband was a POW captive for a month and when they returned him, he was taken to hospital as he had mental issues due to trauma and PTSD. We helped the family get settled by bringing them a heater, a bread-baking machine and some warm clothes. The government supported them with food boxes and other supplies.


When we visited her again, we could not believe our eyes as Laura had painted the house and made everything nice and tidy. The heat was turned on and she had prepared a room for her husband to get good rest. She baked bread for the children and took them to school. When we talked to her, Laura was full of life and hope for the future. She is encouraging others to start a new life and develop themselves instead of complaining about their current situation.


Thank you all for your support and love,

Sam, Tamara and Nick

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Laura” is a pseudonym for the individual involved in this project.