Potato Program a Boon for Village

Jatapara Village, India


Twenty years ago, people used to grow vegetables on their own for family consumption, but the current generation hardly seems to do this anymore. This year, we decided to cultivate potatoes on a large scale. People were not prepared to do this, but we spoke with them and convinced them that if we grow potatoes together, then together we can succeed. 


This October, we planned to cultivate potatoes. Five families have decided to go along with the potato programme, and have begun to prepare their fields in order to make them suitable for potato cultivation. One family has already planted potatoes which have started growing. Other families have a crop of brinjal (eggplant) and tomatoes in their kitchen gardens, but the rest of them are very excited to plant potatoes soon.



The rainy season is the most suitable season for farming here, so as the rainy season approaches, people are engaged with work in their fields. Through Transformational Community Development (TCD) they have been taught how to help each other. Now, if someone has too much work and asks for help, they are much more likely to receive it. In this way, people who don't currently have work are also more likely to be engaged and thus find themselves both fulfilled and content. Earlier, when people were out of work, they would spend their days drinking alcohol and often fought with family members and others, which caused disturbances in the village. As the people are exposed to the principles of TCD, this problem has begun to decline.




As the winter season approaches, people are advised to drink boiled water. Drinking cold water in winter season causes cough, cold and fever--especially among children. People are strictly encouraged to use clean and boiled water for drinking.


Previously, most villagers used to fall sick during the months of November and December. The main reason behind this was unhealthy drinking water, since they would drink water from the spring because they liked the taste. This caused diseases like typhoid and jaundice to spread among the people. Now the scenario has completely changed: people are using water from the hand pump for drinking. While it does not taste as good as the spring water, it prevents the spread of disease and improves health.


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