Poultry Farmer is a Role Model

Dakuwadada Village, Nepal


Hartaj* and his family have learnt many Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons. They had no job at first and were facing financial problems. When they joined the TCD class and learnt about Income Generation and self-sustainability, they started poultry farming, and now they have a job and income. Having his own poultry farm is his pride and joy. Hartaj said, “Now my family has become a model family by running a poultry farm in the Paswan community.”  


In Dakuwadada Village, we have taught classes for the whole community about Income Generation. Income Generation is the most important thing for poor village people. Some have done income work by getting Seed Money from GHNI and some are doing it by themselves, being inspired by the TCD teaching and activities. Many others have not started Income Generation work, yet, saying that they have no money to start a business or animal husbandry. So, we have taught Income Generation classes again to those who have not started. Our main goal was to change people's attitude and their thinking because if they desire it from inside themselves, then nothing will stop them from doing Income Generation work. So, after teaching these classes, we hope that the rest of the villagers will also start to work and the whole community will be self-sustaining.


We have continued teaching TCD classes about good Health and Wellness. Healthcare teaching is needed because many villagers ignore the health problems because of lack of education. So, we are teaching them many lessons and repeating them, again and again. 


As we personally visit people and in their family home, we teach about Income Generation, Wellness, use of the toilet, hand washing with soap and water, use of safe drinking water and other health lessons.


This month, we have conducted an Awareness Programme about communicable diseases and how to be safe from them and cure them. Knowing these lessons, the villagers have been very happy. We continue to teach how to stay safe from COVID-19.


Thank you!




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Hartaj" is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.