Poverty to Generosity

Shambani Village, Kenya


Mama Ekiru is a middle-aged woman living with her seven children in Shambani Village. She and her children lived in extreme poverty and were very isolated until GHNI came to the village and began helping her and other women in similar situations. GHNI brought the women together in groups and taught them basic financial management skills. GHNI also provided micro loans to help the women begin their own businesses. Mama Ekiru used her share of the money to open a small hotel where she began selling soup, camel meat, and even intestines. Her business grew beyond her expectations and was generating enough income to hire staff to help. Her hotel operation was running so well that she could not manage all the work without employees to assist her.


Mama Ekiru’s hand-to-mouth lifestyle changed drastically. She now is able to provide for her family’s needs and generously helps other needy villagers. Once isolated, she is now recognized throughout her village as a generous woman. She is also grateful to GHNI for helping her to become an independent and resourceful lady within society.