From Poverty to Poultry

Gem Village, Kenya


The support that GHNI has been offering to villagers within this community has served as strength and hope to many poor and destitute people, reviving their lost dreams. Alex is a father of five children and is a true example of this transformation. He had no job to support his family and had a very difficult kind of life. He hardly met his family’s expectations. He did not have a well-paying job and was merely loading and unloading lorries. Life was so horrific for him and, at one time, he wanted to commit suicide to evade his family responsibility.


Hope came to Alex when he met with GHNI. They helped support him financially and helped him manage his family affairs by starting a chick-raising project. He started buying small chicks, feeding them, and then selling the young chicks. He started with 25 chicks one year ago and today is raising around 400 chickens, making an unbelievable profit of 1,000 shillings per day (about $10).


Alex’s life changed drastically, from living hand-to-mouth, as they used to call it, to now living a perfectly positive life. He built a better homestead out of the savings from his current business and shifted from the grass-thatched house he used to live in. His children are now going to an affordable and improved private school. He is a living example and admired by many as a result of the support he gained from GHNI. Alex is so happy and thankful to GHNI for helping him realize his dream, which completely changed his entire life.