The Power of Technology over Poverty

Jharkhand Computer Institute, India

Miss Baha wondered how she would help her family afford food and other daily needs. She didn’t have the skills needed to acquire a decent-paying job; when she heard about the Jharkhand Computer Institute, she grabbed the opportunity. She didn’t know anything about computers and English was a major challenge. This center was established by GHNI to educate in computers and English as a tool for income generation in this diverse region of the world.

The center is located in Jharkhand, a province of eastern India comprised of the Santal people, where literacy is extremely low. The Santals are one of the lower castes, with little hope of a better future. With nearly 48% of its population living below the poverty line, it is one of the poorest in all of India.

Working through a six-month curriculum, students earn diplomas in computer application. They can then take an advanced course series to enhance employment opportunities. One 16-year-old girl, who affectionately calls herself Twinkle, expresses confidence gained:

“Here teachers are giving better teaching about the computer. The educational and learning environment is quite good here. Here the teaching facilities are better. We first go through all the theory classes and then do practical. This method helps me a lot to understand whatever I am learning. I am extremely thankful to GHNI who gives us this facility in my home place at Dumka Jharkhand, India.”

Miss Baha, also inspired and determined in her studies, was encouraged by her new skills. She completed the six-month course last year, motivated by the prospect of getting a government job in her state. Shortly after graduation, she landed a job with the local police in the central jail. Miss Baha is now able to bring home money to help her family break the cycle of poverty. She is so thankful to GHNI for providing the Jharkhand Computer Institute!