Precious Young Ladies

House of Ruth, Jordan

We are excited and happy, as House of Ruth is coming alive again. There are ten new young ladies who started to learn and work in the centre. They’re involved in the handmade accessories and craft program.

We started a Transformational Community Development (TCD) program with these lovely, young ladies. They’re beginning the program, and so happy about that. Through this project, we will be able to help them financially, as we sell their items and give back the money to them as an income for their families. By spending time with these precious, young ladies, little by little, we hope to see a change in their hope for their own futures.

The current obstacle, for this project to be fully released to independence, is for the program to proceed in a consistent and constant way, finding volunteers to run activities in the centre. The plan is prepare the place for the coming days with the hope that it will happen, and the suitable staff will arrive. When volunteers are found to fill the nature of the needs in that area, the planned classes are:  Computer Class, English Class, Sewing Class, and a medical clinic.


GHNI National Field Leader, Jordan